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Our partners centres 

The WALK device has been developed with many specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation and neurology

Lyon University Hospital - Henry Gabrielle Hospital (69)

Department of Physical Medicine and Neurological Rehabilitation

The Physical Medicine and Neurological Rehabilitation Department at Henry Gabrielle Hospital welcomes patients with neurological disabilities and offers them the opportunity to benefit from rehabilitation programs after an acute condition or at a distance to carry out an assessment or to resume rehabilitation, in order to maintain a certain level of autonomy.

The MPR department has notably set up the SIROCCO program, which is a functional rehabilitation program for patients with Parkinson's disease.

Nice University Hospital - Hospital Pasteur 2 (06)

Parkinson's Expert Centre

The Parkinson's expert centre at the Nice University Hospital is involved in the multidisciplinary management of Parkinson's disease. The medical team has notably set up a therapeutic education program for patients on how to manage the disease. They regularly offer workshops and welcome more than 700 patients each year.

Strasbourg University Hospital - Hautepierre Hospital (67)

Service de neurologie

Centre expert Parkinson

The Strasbourg University Hospital Day Hospital is specialized in abnormal movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease, multi-system atrophy and Huntington's disease. The Parkinson's expert centre manages patient care, the implementation of specific therapies and patient education.

Rothschild Ophthalmological Foundation - Paris  (75)

James Parkinson Unit

The goal of the James Parkinson's Unit is to provide care taking account global vision of the patient. In some cases, the unit may call on other specialist doctors (rheumatologist, cardiologist, urologist...) or physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers... It provides solutions adapted to each patient according to their pathology and evolution: adaptation of treatment, choice of therapy, second-line treatment.

Lille University Hospital (59)

Gerontology centre

Parkinson's Expert Centre

The Parkinson's Expert Centre in Lille is at the cutting edge of innovation in managing Parkinson's disease. In particular, it handles complex cases and patients with high motor fluctuations. Several of the university hospital teams are actively searching for a new therapy. 

CHU de Montpellier - Hôpital Gui de Chaulliac (34)

Plateau technique

Centre expert 


Le Centre Expert Parkinson de Montpellier (CEPMo) accompagne les patients atteints de maladie de Parkinson et syndromes apparentés dès l’annonce du diagnostic puis tout au long du suivi thérapeutique. La prise en charge est assurée par une équipe multidisciplinaire. Le CEPMo intervient en complément de l’offre de soins de proximité.

Amiens University Hospital - Picardy (80)

Technical platform of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The MPR Technical Plateau of the Amiens University Hospital has an MPR activity centre in neurology. The Amiens Picardy University Hospital capitalises on the spatial organization and state-of-the-art equipment of its technical platform. Today, it is an institution of excellence oriented towards the search for more efficient, shorter, safer, less restrictive care and which would be part of a broader city-hospital vision.

Rouen University Hospital (76)

Neurology Department

Rouen University Hospital is a reference health establishment within a defense and security zone. It has a centre dedicated to polyvalent neurology, particularly Parkinson's disease. This expertise is provided by the health professionals working within the Parkinson Expert Centre.

GHU de Paris (75)

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Hospitalization Services

Neurosciences Division

After having jointly developed a medico-healthcare project, rethought the territorial organisation of Parisian healthcare, and unified their governance, these three establishments became the leading player in the Parisian hospital sector for mental illnesses and the nervous system.

The GHU Paris provides a tailor-made local response, thanks to the sector, urgency and recourse. The GHU Paris is becoming, in the fields of care, social, medico-social, teaching and research, a privileged partner for all the major players in the region.

CH du Luxembourg



Since its foundation, the LHC has been strongly involved in training and teaching activities as well as in research, with missions being explicitly entrusted to it by law. Many of the LHC's services are recognised by universities in neighbouring countries as internships and training grounds for future doctors, pharmacists or biologists.


The Luxembourg hospital centre offers specialised consultations with a high level of expertise for specific neurological syndromes such as Parkinson's disease.


University Hospital  

Neurology Department


University Hospital 

Occupational therapy

Le Mans Day Hospital

Occupational therapy


Follow-up and Rehabilitation Care

Médecine générale



Rehabilitation Department



Service de 



University Hospital 

Neurology Department



University Hospital 

Neurology Department


Follow-up and Rehabilitation Care

Physical therapy

Rehabilitation centre 



Physical therapy



Rehabilitation Department


University Hospital 

Neurology Department

Centre Bretagne 

University Hospital 

Neurology Department

Mirabeau Clinic

Rehabilitation Department

Centre de Réadaptation de 


Neurology Department

Rehabilitation centre

La Lovière

Occupational therapy


University Hospital 

Rehabilitation Department

Jacques Parisot


Physical therapy



Rehabilitation Department


les Herbiers

Physical therapy



Occupational therapy

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